Candle subscriptions

Twelve scented candles inspired by the twelve months by Loriest and Co. Sustainable plant-based wax, vegan, made in the U.K.

We are delighted to offer a monthly scented candle subscription for £30

Each month fill your home with the beautiful scent of seasonal plants and flowers, with 25% off each candle.
We marry the exquisite art of perfumery and the heritage craft of candle making to create 12 scented candles made with sustainable plant based ingredients. Each one a celebration of the botanical scents found on the British Isles through the year.
Each candle is sent directly to your door with free UK delivery.
You can begin your candle subscription on any month. To start your subscription head to the scented candle you wish to receive first and click on 'Subscribe and Save', and add to cart. 
Your fourth candle onwards will be given an even greater discount of 30%.
Let the scent unfold. Month by month
Monthly candle subscription with free delivery in the UK
How does it work?
  • At the check-out you will be charged £30 for your first candle, the following month you will receive an email reminding you that your next scented candle will soon be sent out to you. You will then be charged and sent the candle with free delivery. It's as easy as that!
  • All subscriptions are fulfilled at the Loriest & Co studio.
  • Each scented candle will follow on from your initial month. So for example, if you choose Notes of July to be your first candle, you will then receive Notes of August, followed by Notes of September, and so on!
  • When you start your scented candle subscription, you will receive a confirmation email from us at Loriest & Co, and an email with your subscription portal information from Seal Subscriptions. Within the portal you can access everything about your subscription and make amendments if needed.
  • You can cancel your subscription, if you wish, after receiving 3 candles.


A subscription with Loriest & Co. 25% discount when you sign up for a three month subscription. 

 If you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch