Beautiful candles for every home, style and occasion. Made in the UK.Beautiful candles for every home, style and occasion. Made in the UK.

Q & A

Should I light Notes of May scented candle only in May?

Not at all! These are your stories, your moments, your memories. This spring, if you want to be transported to July with its greenhouse of tomato vines, sweet peas and mint then that is exactly what a Loriest & Co scented candle can do. Want a gift to celebrate a first date that marked the start of a wonderful relationship last autumn? Perhaps you want to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m thinking of you’ with a fragrance that heralds a month holding a story for you and a dear friend. Or it could be that you simply adore a certain time of year, and desire to light a candle and release the scent which evokes these feelings when it suits you. They’re your stories. But new chapters are always starting, and your chosen candle might be the perfect meaningful gift at that special occasion coming up at the weekend. All our candles have been curated with care to remind you of your stories and to scent your new ones.

Where does the name Loriest & Co come from?

I wanted to create scented candles that meant something to people; scent that unfolds into stories. With folk and stories in mind, I started with folklore and began to throw a hundred names into the air as I played with storytelling, time, people, and the British Isles… one day the word Loriest fluttered down to the ground and our name was found. The ‘& Co’ represents both the family aspect of Loriest & Co, and all the wonderful people that have brought their knowledge, experience, and support to help plant this small seed with a big heritage storytelling heart.

Where are Loriest & Co based?

Loriest & Co is based in the garden of England, Kent, but our roots stretch from Surrey to Yorkshire. Our scented candles are hand-poured in Wiltshire, the fragrances, each unique to Loriest & Co, all began their story in Essex and the beautiful illustrations accompanying your candle are from Lancashire. Our 12 carefully chosen colours are a tale that began in London and are expertly made into candle boxes in both West Sussex, England and Aberdeen, Scotland. As we grow, I hope to expand and support business from all over the British Isles.

How does Loriest & Co combine the old and new?

I aim to blend heritage with modernity. All our scented candles are poured by hand, each cotton wick straightened by fingertip. This traditional technique allows for incredible care and attention to the details and quality of your candle.

Meanwhile, the space in which our scented candles are created is powered by 70% solar energy. With the world as it is at present, and with future generations in mind, sustainability is incredibly important to us. All our candles are 100% vegan. Our candle vessels are made with recycled glass, our candle boxes are fully FSC certified, and our postal packaging are made with recycled cardboard. Our tape is plant-based, and our packing peanuts are water soluble!

Our fragrances have been considerately created here in the British Isles by working with our perfumers who have over 50 years of expertise. These blends of traditional natural aromas, alongside modern botanical notes ensure that Loriest & Co candles release clean, safe, sustainable, and of course beautiful, scents into your home. 

Our tapered dinner candles are dip dyed by hand, a process that makes each one wonderfully unique as they are individually dipped.

We have created each colour to reflect the different seasons of the year, from rose pink, to forest green and golden ochre yellow. Each taper candle is dipped in a coordinating beige to create elegant dinner candles with a splash of colour to suit every home and style.