A Woodland Walk: Notes on…. The Pennines

Moss-adorned woodlands and a delightful waterfall 

Discover the enchanting scenery that inspired our Notes of October candle 

Loriest & Co share the British Isles inspiration for their luxury scented candles. A hike on the Peak District in England

Where are we?

Middle Black Clough Waterfall in Derbyshire on the Pennines in the Peak District.

What makes it noteworthy?

Although a fairly short walk at just 2 miles (3.2 km), this adventurous woodland hike begins with an accessible meander beside a stream to a beautiful mossy, lichen covered woodland. Here you will find old oak trees, an abundance of ferns and the sound of water coursing over rocks. Walking onwards up stream, and into the gorge, the adventure really begins. With the hike becoming a scramble in some places as the path rises steeply, going through glades of heather and a tangle of trees, and at points you will need to cross the stream – so sturdy walking shoes or a good pair of wellington boots are advised! Your destination is the 10 metre high Middle Black Clough Waterfall. Where a stunning cascade of water tumbles from the moors above. Ferns reach out from the steep gorge walls, moss covers the layers of rock behind and beside the waterfall, and trees lean from above giving this sheltered spot a truly magical find.


The beautiful woodlands of the British Isles; the inspiration for Loriest & Co luxury scented seasonal candles.


What notes scent the air?

Woodland notes of moss, green leaves and rich earth. The element of fresh water running through brings a delightful cleansing effect, and a vibrancy that I’m sure would remain all year round.

Any folklore we should know?

Oh gosh, where to begin! The Peak District is a vast 500 square miles and with every peak, bridge, hill and ravine comes a 1000 years of occupation and a multitude of legends and tales of folklore. The area until as recently as 100 years ago was a working landscape that was dangerous and slow to traverse.  Cairns and stone circles are scattered across the land. Just by walking the gorge you can imagine how folklore stories began.

 Middle Black Clough Waterfall on the Pennines. A beautiful walk in England at anytime of year and the seasonal inspiration for Loriest & Co scented candles.


Where to start, stop for lunch, and end?

There is free parking in the carpark or laybys close-by on the A628. Look for the map marker ‘Longdendale Trail’ and ‘Middle Black Clough Waterfall’ to find the start and mid-point of the waterfall walk. Although the hike is short in length it will take longer than expected due to the uneven terrain. Please note, that there are no toilets nearby!

Middle Black Clough is remote and although there are many pubs in the region and local restaurants found in the nearby Fox Valley in Stocksbridge, a fine alternative would be to take a flask of hot tea, a blanket and a picnic. If the weather is dry, the clough is sheltered from the wind and would make a lovely spot to take in the clean fresh air and enchanting woodlands in this almost secret garden like spot.

I hope you enjoyed your walk with us!

Anna x