Modern day 90's interior trends

Is 2024 the year that 90s trends will make a big comeback?

Interior trends ebb and flow through different eras and styles, and over the last year fashion and homes have gently shifted towards a look that is definitively 90's. One particularly notable aspect of this is the freedom of style, and the blending of old and new.

Vintage finds are booming. They're being sourced in many different places, such as Facebook marketplace, flea markets and car boot sales. These are not 90's originals, but often vintage items from the robust artisanal makers of the Arts and Crafts era. Perhaps the whimsical ornate detailing of Victoriana, the elegant Edwardian furniture or even the sleek lines of mid-century design.

In the 90's, matching furniture was sought after. Think three-piece suites and pouffes, or co-ordinating bedroom bedside tables with a dressing table and chests of drawers in white laminate, with personality added through the use of ruffles and frills in stripes or florals. Today, each piece does not need to match. The modern twist on curating your style in the home, is to only include items you truly adore and to not limit yourself to just one era of makers. The eclectic style of the 90's is mirrored today, but with a focus on original vintage pieces sat alongside those stripes, ruffles and colour. This is nestled beside modern sustainable rugs, cushions, lamps and candles. 

Here are my top tips for 90's home trends in 2024 -

1. Pattered wallpaper...

Elegant vintage style with Loriest & Co candles. Made in England.

From florals to stripes, maximalist colour or muted tones, wallpaper is here to stay. But for 2024, the trend is not a feature wall, but to paper all four walls for a fully immersive experience in personal interior style. From staircases, sitting rooms, utility rooms and most definitely the downstairs loo, each space allows for print and colour to sing. The bigger and bolder the pattern, the better. Here the muted browns of the climbing florals match the vintage sofa and neutral rug. The coordination of earthy tones makes the wallpaper take centre stage to elevate the space and gives a beautiful backdrop for the rich colour of the scented candle.

2. Peachy pink...

Peachy pink walls with floral accessories and a scented candle by Loriest.

Colour drenching continues to be a trend. In the 90's, all woodwork and metalwork matched, now it's everything from walls to radiators and window frames! And my goodness, this makes painting a room yourself so much easier, because there is less worry about ensuring all those crisp, straight lines along the skirting boards!

By colour drenching the space feels bigger. Radiators previously painted in white no longer appear to jump off the wall, and accessories such as colourful cushions and scented candles can become focal points that are easily updated as the seasons change. One colour that really seems to be appearing is a peachy pink. In fact, Pantone's colour of the year for 2024 is called 'Peach Fuzz'. These colours are gentle shades that suit any space. The 90's was a celebration of floral pink soft furnishings, whereas now we're seeing entire rooms in flat matte peach. It adds a surprisingly gentle warmth to a room and is a superb base for pretty much any colour you want to add to it. I am personally fond of adding greens and brown to the pink, but my obsession with green and pink interiors could be a whole blog in itself!

3. Stripes and Ruffles...

Stripes are back stronger than a 90s trend.

The 90's gave us stripy walls and footstools with ruffles. Both these trends are now being seen in cushions, bedding and table settings with placemats edged in frills. There is something so wonderfully whimsical about a ruffle, but when teamed with a stripe it balances and softens with a linear line that feels utterly vintage but resoundingly modern. The perfect juxtaposition of pattern and colour. Narrow stripes are growing in popularity on bed linen, but wide stripes are popular on cushions. Here, I have chosen a fresh mid-green which I think works delightfully throughout the year, and I love to use a candle to update the room with scent and seasonal storytelling with botanical aromas.

4. Eclectic style...

Beautiful tapered candles add a pop of colour to the bookcase. By Loriest & Co. An emporium of candles made in England.

Tapered candles dipped in colour, a small library of books, an original Victorian watercolour print, a modern lamp with William Morris fabric, and old terracotta pots filled with geraniums. 2024 is truly an eclectic mix of style. There is no right or wrong way to dress your home, but one rule seems to be applied now more than it ever was in the 90s... sustainability. The beautiful thing about sustainability and an eclectic style is that it embraces upcycling and repurposing. Here, I have brought in old terracotta pots filled with geraniums, and placed them on the bookcase alongside a modern clean burning tapered candle.

The curation of old and new creates an opportunity for a truly individual look that breathes personal style though the use of carefully chosen items that really hold meaning. Dipdye candles in colour add a pop without dominating. Plants bring the welcome greenery of nature throughout the year, alongside old books that are for now or for a future read when time allows. An eclectic style is truly freedom from the fast pace of life and encourages both a meaningful collection of objects and lasting style.

5. A collection of candles

A modern day candle collection. Loriest scented candles sustainably made in England.

The 90s was the decade of rustic dripping candles in ornate wine bottles. Gathered together on dining tables or in the hearth, the warm glow of candlelight is undeniably wonderful. But thirty years on, we have moved on. Tapered candles are huge right now, but in 2024 they're nestled in vintage brass candlestick holders and locally produced ceramic dishes. Tapered candles are cleaner burning and longer lasting, and come in colours to suit every home and style. Scented candles have also taken huge leap into our homes. They release not just beautiful scent but are pretty to look at, are made with sustainable practices and have become meaningful gifts for new homes, dinner parties, birthday and weddings. I suspect most homes across the country have a scented candle on the coffee table or by the bath. But not all candles are the same, and ones poured with expertise and high quality wax will not only last much longer when lit but will burn more cleanly too. A trend that again differentiates the 90s from the modern day.

Anna x