Laura Pashby’s Fireside Reads

It’s the season to snuggle up with a great book and Notes of November glowing beside you
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We are delighted to welcome author and photographer Laura Pashby to the Loriest Notebook! I first read Laura’s book ‘Little Stories of Your Life’ last year, and instantly it spoke to my heart. It is one of those books that you want to revisit, again and again. It is about noting the beautiful, ordinary days of our lives, and each page is utterly insightful. In Laura’s own words, ‘Attention is a scarce commodity’. So, with November being the perfect month to take a quiet moment with a good book and Notes of November candle scenting the space, we asked Laura for three of her favourite reads to devour by the fire.

Anna x

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The Classic — Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford

Nancy Mitford’s writing brims with irrepressible delight. This funny, subversive book is a companion to The Pursuit of Love. Filled with grandeur and glitter, romance, and rebellion, it is the story of beautiful 1940s debutante Polly Hampton as related by her friend and distant relation, Fanny. It’s a thoroughly comforting read.


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The Romance —Happy All The Time by Laurie Colwin

A charming, joyful romantic comedy, this book is an underappreciated gem. It’s the story of Guido, his cousin Vincent, and their respective love affairs with precise Holly and enigmatic Misty. A deceptively light book that explores love in all its inexplicable and complicated glory, this is a wonderfully relaxing read.


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The Mystery — The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex

Inspired by the real-life disappearance of three lighthouse keepers from a remote Scottish rock light, this is a salt-infused mystery set in a remote lighthouse off the coast of Cornwall. It’s a swirling tale of the sea and of the borderline between memory and madness, where tricks of the mind meet ghostly happenings. Evocative, puzzling and filled with secrets, it is a gripping read.


Little Stories of Your Life by Laura Pashby

About Laura

Laura Pashby is the author of Little Stories of Your Life, a book about the beauty of ordinary days, and the magic that we find when we pay attention to the details of our lives. It’s full of creative exercises that will inspire you to pick up your camera and pen.


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